The Beauty Chef has arrived!!!


So excited to finally tell you all about The Beauty Chef…

As I hope you all know at etain we take what we use & promote in salon very seriously, it can therefore take some time in finding, researching & testing all the products & treatments before we finally decide they are above all the rest & will happily place on our shelves knowing we totally believe in the range.

I came across this inner health product quite some time ago and have enjoyed watching how the company has grown.  Having taken my time in researching, watching & trying the range I decided the time had come to share & you will now see The Beauty Chef very proudly stocked on our shelves.

Taking on The Beauty Chef has been a big step for us as we are now stepping into the realm of inner body health & shall I say the New World of Wellness from within.  I first looked at these products for the benefits they gave to the skin as you know skin is our passion.  However on further inspection and after trying the range for myself I totally understand how all the products work synergistically together, so wether its for your skin, gut or you just want that feeling that you are doing more to assist your body through its everyday struggles just to keep going, The Beauty Chef is for You…

Over the next few months you will see & hear more about the full range of products, there will also be tasting days which we will make sure you all know about, the range will soon go onto our online shop so you can easily purchase what you need in between your regular visits to etain.

On our Shelves:

BODY – Inner Beauty Powder – $69.95

GLOW – Inner Beauty Powder – $59.95

CLEANSE – Inner Beauty Powder – $59.95

HYDRATION – Inner Body Boost – $39.95

ANTIOXIDANT – Inner Body Boost – $39.95

Full range product shot + logo

For more info about Carla, The Beauty Chef founder please visit the web site

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