Skincare, the choice can be overwhelming…


OK, so this is how I see it.

There are loads of skincare ranges out there vying for your well-earned dollars, so what makes us think that the ranges we use are really worth it!

To start with there’s nothing on our salon shelves that I, we, haven’t tried & tested & I mean tried & tested over a period of months.  If any of the products we give a go just don’t sit right with me then they don’t stand proudly on my shelves.

That’s all well & good you say but what makes me an authority on skincare?   Am I now calling myself a skincare guru?

Nope, that’s not me, but what is me is over 20 years of beauty, skin & healthcare knowledge that’s been collected from many different times, places, people, experiences & training.  Now in my mid 40’s, oops there it is, I’ve said it… MID 40’s….  Boy, where has the time gone?  I’ve always said that I want & expect to see results with the products I use, so why would I think you don’t want & expect the same.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

When you think the time is right to change up your skincare range, don’t just pick up the first thing you see, hear about or looks pretty in that fabulous bottle that will match your bathroom colour scheme!!.

Do your research, say what? that’s right you heard it here, do your research, ask the questions, seek out the therapist you click with & the salon or clinic that is right for you.

Definitely don’t ever feel obligated to purchase just because you asked a couple of questions, make us work for your loyalty.  This is what we have trained for, this is what we thrive on & we love to get our little grey cells working. Whether you visit us & opt to stay or you find somewhere else you prefer, the main thing is you’re happy & it works for YOU & your Skin!

The goal of any skin-care routine is to tune up your skin so it’s functioning at its best…

Start researching beautiful people….xx



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