JSS Un Cond Oil Large

Un Condition Oil 30ml



Skin ‘Condition’ Oil

30ml $48.00

Product Description

Whatever your skin condition – acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne rosacea – this oil will sort it. This is ‘Un’ Condition Oil, bringing your skin back to great condition, beautifully.

Award winning, 100% Organic, cold pressed Argan Oil with organic essential oil of Frankincense. High in Vitamin E and rich in hydrating, essential fatty acids (polyphenols, squalene and ferulic acid) and full of anti oxidants. Argan promotes overall skin health but comes into its own when working on specific conditions.

Apply a small amount to the pads of your fingers, warm by rubbing gently together and then press the oil into areas that need help. Use as a daily moisturiser or keep as a night oil – either is fine…it’s ‘Un Condition’ Oil!