Are you ready to go Natural?

Are you ready to go Natural?

The use of Natural Deodorants has become increasingly popular over the last year or so.  I think we are all getting quite interested in what we are using on our skin & the thought of the aluminium in regular antiperspirants working by essentially creating a plug so that the sweat can’t get out, doesn’t sit well with me.  Intern it clogs up the lymph nodes around the armpits and breasts.  The aluminium in deodorants is absorbed by the skin & really isn’t great for our health.

I’ve always wanted to give the natural option a try but was under the impression that it was a bit hit or miss & the thought of having sweaty armpits didn’t appeal to me.

However, I must have discussed this with my gorgeous friend Amber who then promptly went out & bought me one so I would give it a go.  Well, at least I hope that was the reason haha!!

Now it took me a while to pluck up the courage to give it a go as with the hot sweats coming & going (I’m at that age) walking around feeling paranoid that I was stinking, didn’t appeal.

What one did I try?

Amber purchased “No Pong”, so this was the first natural deodorant I tried.

I was so surprised just how well it worked & how good It felt to be using a natural product, that my next thought was, I need to tell people about this & I want a natural deodorant on the shelves at Etain.

Mission, find a suitable Natural Deo that is locally made.

Why locally made?

Well, I love to support small business, we are one ourselves after all, plus I think there are some amazingly creative makers out there at the moment & I’d love to showcase them on our Lifestyle Shelves at Etain.

It didn’t take long for me to find the perfect product that again I have tried & tested & just love!!


Pit Paste

Introducing “Pit Paste” just love this name & love this product, amazing smell, top quality ingredients plus great size & super value.

There is also what I think is a big bonus to using “Pit Paste” it is applied by scooping out the amount required & rubbing it into the armpit.  Messy you might think but I think it’s a great way to be checking around the Lymph area for anything that might feel a bit different.   I know this wouldn’t have been something I would have done on a regular basis using a standard roll-on deodorant.

Now, this is just the one I have tried & found worked for me, there are of course a few more that you can try.   I just wanted to put it out there, that you should give it a go, you may very well be as surprised as I was!!

If you have been considering using a natural deodorant but like me are a bit unsure of the results you’ll get, why not pop in salon & take a look at Pit Paste.  We have a tester pot for you to smell, feel & try.

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