#Not loving my Skin right now…

Not Loving my Skin right now & my Skin is not Loving me…….

Now I am a lucky lady to have such an awesome skin clinic & amazing skin care brand that I can use whenever I want, right?

Well actually most of the time my treatments are cancelled as the girls get to busy or I have to be somewhere else & have to cancel them myself.  However I can’t moan as I am lucky enough to have a range of DMK products that I use religiously everyday.  Now I should have the most amazing skin, you’re right and most of the time I do.  However not this month, this month my skin is my enemy…

I bet you are thinking surely there is something you can do, you own a skin clinic for gods sake!!, well you’re not on your own there, Ive been thinking the same thing.  Unfortunately this is not the first time ive suffered with my skin in this way.  On this occasion I know exactly what the problem is, here’s where I could ask you to guess, but that would just be mean, so Ill just tell you all.

It’s ANTIBIOTICS, that’s right those little pills that are meant to make all things better are making my skin hate itself & me hate my skin!!  It only seems to be this antibiotic that makes my skin react in such an angry way.  Ive had other antibiotics & the reaction has never been this bad.

Now for the very embarrassing but necessary pictures, taken this morning:









As you can see in the pictures im looking a bit like Rudolph, in fact im sure I could get a job playing a reindeer this year :). What you cant see is the small pustules & the intense heat that is radiating from my nose, its almost like its throbbing.

I made this discovery the first time I took these same antibiotics but was really hoping it wouldn’t happen again.  I believe the reason my skin flares up in this way is because I have Rosacea & the worst area of my suffering is my nose plus my Gut is in a bad way, ive been neglecting myself lately.

Now im the first to preach about gut health but im not good at following my own advise.  On this occasion however I think enough is enough, im making a plan of action to make sure this doesn’t happen again & to get my health back on track.  In the long run having a healthy gut is the first step to healing yourself.  On more of a plus side for me will be, not having to cover my nose with layers of make-up just so I feel comfortable to walk out the door.

Let’s get started…..

  • Step one: start a Probiotic to help bring my gut back into balance
  • Step two: start cleansing
  • Step three: up my dose of EFAs
  • Step four: get back into the routine of drinking TBC Glow each & everyday.
  • Step five: make an appointment for an Enzyme treatment to strengthen my skin
  • Step six: add in an Alkaline treatment.   This will help with my Rosacea by increasing healing, fighting bacteria and encouraging fast recovery.
  • Step seven: improve my diet (this is where I need to step up)
  • Step eight: get more water into my belly

The reason im sharing all this with you is sometimes its what else is happening in your life that will throw your whole body out of balance.  Its at that time that you need to just stop, think about what has changed or even happened recently that could be impacting on the way you are feeling or the way your gut or skin is behaving.  Only then can you give yourself & your body the tools & time to heal itself.

Its not always easy & you wont always stick to the plan (like me) but it can be done & the results will be well worth it…..

Im off now to fill up my glass of water, book in that Enzyme & find me some fruit to nibble while I work.

rosacea-disease-overview_referenceIf you are a sufferer of Rosacea please feel you can ask us as many questions as you like & we will do our best to assist you.  There are treatments, products & supplements that we can suggest that could benefit your condition & more importantly benefit you.  Call 9371 0557 for a chat.





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