Meet the Team – Sarah

Ok, so most of you know us & have been visiting our little salon for quite a while, Thank you all so much xx

Since we moved to our beautiful New Salon we have been lucky enough to meet lots of new & amazing clients.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves properly & tell you just how amazingly talented & knowledgeable our team are.  Now this has not gone down too well with the girls as they don’t like to boast (as they see it) about their accomplishments but I feel they should, they work hard to keep updated with all the latest trends & their knowledge about our industries continues to grow, so sorry ladies this is happening xx


Meet the team – Sarah…

What’s the Crac? – is always the first question you’ll get asked when you sit in her chair at the salon & hopefully you all know by now what the hell she is asking you, haha!!

This diamond of a lady walked into my salon 6 years ago having just arrived, not her first visit to Perth, but the first time she graced my salon with her presence.  There was just something about this cheeky lady & boy am I glad I took note of my gut as Sarah has been another constant in my life.  Apart from taking some time to start her family, which is such a joy,  Sarah has worked alongside me & has always been that rock we all need & the person to keep me on track & I love it!!!

Sarah has 17 years experience in the hairdressing industry & has been able to take her skills all over the world working in Sydney, New Zealand & her hometown of Galway in Ireland.  Eventually, she found her way back to Perth & lucky for us stepped into Etain.  Apart from a short break to have her beautiful boy Lachlan she has continued to stay apart of team Etain for 6 years.

Sarah enjoys all aspects of hairdressing but has a passion for colour & style cuts.  Being back in salon now for 3-4 days a week its like she’s never been away.

In the little free time she gets its spent with her now Fiance Kevin & her gorgeous boy Lachlan, enjoying coastal living & her passion for a great brunch.





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