Meet the Team – Kate

Meet the Team – Kate….

Beautiful Kate floated into our salon 3 years ago, this timid golden-haired beauty so shy & quiet.

It didn’t take us long to knock that out of her & what you see today is a strong-willed, 100% talented, self-assured, home owning beauty & I’m so proud of her, I’ve been wanting to shout it out & now I have!!!!

Such a superstar & yet still so unknown to many of you.   I can tell ya, you don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t let this lady get creative on your hair……

Colour is her Passion & hairstyles are in her dreams…. We are super lucky to have her & I pray Kate will be with us for many years to come as she is the most adorable lady & I love her being part of our close-knit team xx

Kate’s been hairdressing for 12 years & was able to take her talents on the road for 11 months where she worked in different towns all over Australia, a great way to gain experience & knowledge.  Kate loves to keep up to date with all the latest trends & techniques within the industry.  Our Kate has a real creative flair to the point where she has entered many competitions & received many accolades for her contributions & creativity.  Her love for colour was again shown when she became a La Biosthetique “Colour Expert”.

Her most recent major achievement has been owning & building her first home where she spends her free time with her gorgeous dog Biscuit.




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