The Name

About the name

Etain is a Celtic Goddess whose name means “Shining One”.

A Goddess of Beauty and Grace.  Etain is associated with the sun, dawn, the sea, rain, water, healing, medicine, earth, fertility, butterflies & apple blossoms. It is said that the land goes dormant when Etain is not around and the flowers bloom when she comes near. Her stone, the emerald, signifies the greening of the earth that she brings about.

Etain teaches us, no matter what comes our way, no matter how the storms of life toss us around, there is still hope. We WILL be transformed, balanced and made whole. She reminds us that we too will shine like her, and be reborn, both physically and spiritually. Nothing that happens to us can change our inner essence.

The butterfly is significant in Etain’s story because of it’s symbolism of transformation, rebirth and resurrection. Butterflies are not born butterflies. They must go through a series of stages. These stages are egg, larvae, cocoon, and finally emerging as butterfly.  We too, go through these stages. Not only in our physical bodies and spiritual lives, but also in various projects we have in life.

I came across etain when I was teaching and was gifted an inspirational card detailing her life & struggles.  The card stayed in my office for some years and only resurfaced when I was struggling to come up with a name for my then new beauty salon.  Once I looked at the picture of etain and read through her story I knew I had found the right name for the salon and my journey with etain began.

I used the cocoon as our logo to signify all the changes not only my life & business will go through on my journey but also yours.  The moment you walk through the doors of our salon your journey of transformation begins, be it hair, beauty or most importantly the transformation from sometimes tired & stressed to relaxed and calm.   Enjoy your journey!